Residential Services for People with Disability

The rights of people with disability living in residential settings are protected by law. Inclusion Ireland’s Residential Services Factsheets explain what you should expect when moving into, transferring to, living in, or leaving a residential service.

40 Questions HIQA Ask

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) set out 40 key questions to guide inspection of residential services. They are a useful tool to support judgment and decision-making.

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Admission – Transfer – Discharge from a Residential Service

Admission, transition, and discharge from a residential service must take account of the rights of people with disabilities. This is the law and is set out in national standards.

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What is a Statement of Purpose?

Every residential centre must have a written Statement of Purpose available to residents and their representatives which describes –

  • What service the centre can provide
  • How the centre can ensure the resident’s wellbeing
  • Describes the centre

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High Support Services – Quality of Care

High support services provide specific health care to meet the needs individuals with severe and profound disability, with complex and medical support needs. Quality of care can range from positive and meaningful to negative and institutional.

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Long-stay Contributions in Residential Services

A long-stay contribution is a payment towards your maintenance and accommodation costs in certain HSE or HSE-funded residential settings.

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How to Complain – Residential Services for People with Disabilities

You can make a complaint about a residential service when the service or supports are not satisfactory, to challenge a decision about a service or support you need or you want your concerns about a service or product to be given serious or urgent attention.

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HIQA and Residential Services

The Health Information and Quality Authority’s Disability Inspection Team is legally responsible for the monitoring, inspection, and registration of designated centres for adults and children with a disability. The HIQA website has information on providers of residential services, inspection reports for disability services, what they do and the legislation they work under.

Health Information and Quality Authority – Disability Services