What is a Statement of Purpose?

Every residential centre must have a written Statement of Purpose available to residents and their representatives which describes –

What service the centre can provide:

  • The care and support needs the centre can meet and the criteria for admitting or accepting residents to the centre.
  • The number, age range and gender of residents the centre can care for and support.
  • The facilities and services provided in the centre to meet the care and support needs of residents and details of any specific therapeutic techniques used in the centre.

How the centre can ensure the resident’s wellbeing:

The arrangements in place –

  • For contact between residents and their relatives, their friends, their representatives, and their local community.
  • For residents to access education, training, or work.
  • For residents to access social and leisure activities.
  • For residents to attend religious services of their choice.
  • For dealing with complaints.

About the Centre:

The number of management and staff and the staff organisation structure in the centre.

The floor plan or a description of the centre and the fire safety and fire emergency procedures for the centre.

Say what you do, and then do what you say.

The centre must provide the service it describes. The centre should not offer a place to an individual if the service it provides cannot meet the care and support needs of that person.