Admission – Transfer – Discharge from a Residential Service

Admission, transition, and discharge from a residential service must take account of the rights of people with disabilities. This is the law and is set out in national standards.

Residents Rights

The Registered Provider of a residential service shall ensure that each resident

  • Participates in and consents, with supports where necessary, to decisions about his or her care and support
  • Has the freedom to exercise choice and control in his or her daily life
  • Is consulted and participates in the organisation of the designated centre

A person living in a residential service on a long stay basis enjoys security of a permanent home and is not required to leave against their wishes unless there are compelling reasons for the move. (National Standards for Residential Services)

Before discharge of a resident from a residential service

The Person in Charge shall ensure that the discharge of a resident

  • Is determined based on transparent criteria and
  • Takes place in a planned and safe manner
  • Is in accordance with the resident’s assessed needs and personal plan
  • Is discussed, planned for, and agreed with the resident
  • Is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract of care agreed with the service
  • Where residents are in transition between services, continuity of education, training and employment is maintained

Before admission to a residential service

The Registered Provider shall ensure that

  • each application for admission to the designated centre is determined based on transparent criteria in accordance with the statement of purpose for the centre
  • Admission policies and practices take account of the need to protect residents from abuse by their peers.

The Person in Charge shall ensure that

  • Each application for admission to the designated centre is determined based on transparent criteria in accordance with the statement of purpose for the centre
  • A comprehensive assessment of need, by an appropriate health care professional, of the health, personal and social care needs of each resident is carried out
  • That the designated centre is suitable for the purposes of meeting the needs of each resident, as assessed.
  • Residents receive support as they transition between or leave residential services through the provision of information on the services and supports available and, as appropriate, the provision of training in the life-skills required for the new living arrangement

Admission to a residential service and a contract

The Registered Provider shall agree in writing the terms on which the resident shall reside in the designated centre including

  • The support, care, and welfare of the resident in the designated centre
  • Details of the services to be provided for that resident and, where appropriate
  • The fees to be charged
  • Provide for the resident’s needs as assessed

After admission - A personal plan

The Person in Charge shall – no later than 28 days after the resident is admitted to the designated centre, prepare a personal plan for the resident which


  • Reflects the resident’s needs, as assessed
  • Outlines the supports required to maximise the resident’s personal development in accordance with his or her wishes
  • Is developed through a person-centred approach with the maximum participation of each resident
  • The personal plan shall be available, in an accessible format, to the resident

Review of the personal plan

The person in charge shall ensure that the personal plan is reviewed annually or more frequently if there is a change in needs or circumstances.

The review shall

  • be multidisciplinary.
  • be conducted in a manner that ensures the maximum participation of each resident
  • assess the effectiveness of the plan
  • Consider changes in circumstances and new developments.

The recommendations of the review shall be recorded and shall include any proposed changes to the personal plan, the rationale for any such proposed changes and the names of those responsible for pursuing objectives in the plan within agreed timescales.

Legislation: Health Act 2007 (Care and Support of Residents in Designated Centres for Persons with Disabilities) Regulations 2013 and standards.

Registered Provider: the individual, partners, directors, governing body or committee of management that carry on the business of a designated centre

Person in Charge: the person appointed as the person in charge of a designated centre