Membership Guide and form

We have an easy to read membership guide which you can read to help you with membership

We also have an easy to read form you can send to us.

There is an online form at the end of this page too.

We also have more information below.

Membership Guide

Who can become a member of Inclusion Ireland?

We invite everyone with an interest in the area of intellectual disability to join us.

Inclusion Ireland is an umbrella group for individuals and organisations in the intellectual disability sector.

Our members include:


  • Individuals such as people with an intellectual disability, parents and family members, those working in services, students, or any person with an interest in intellectual disability can become an individual member of Inclusion Ireland.
  • Parent and Friend Associations and Support Groups
  • Self-Advocacy Groups
  • Voluntary and Statutory organisations providing services to people with an intellectual disability
  • Trade unions
  • Professional Bodies
  • Societies
  • Special interest groups

Why become a member of Inclusion Ireland?

Through the strength of its membership Inclusion Ireland can advocate more effectively for better services, based on the opinion and experiences of a broader group of people and organisations. In return for your support, members of Inclusion Ireland will have:


  • Access to our information service
  • Access to our advocacy service
  • A free copy of all our publications when they are published
  • Access to Inclusion Ireland staff if you would like an information talk on any aspect of our work
  • A digital copy of  our quarterly newsletter
  • Notice of all conferences, seminars and other events regionally and nationally
  • The opportunity to input into shaping response to Government & HSE policy both at local and national level
  • The Opportunity to attend and vote at Inclusion Ireland’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Membership Benefits

  • We bring people together,
    • to talk about what equality and rights mean to them,
    • share their experiences, and
    • find ways to promote participation and a good life in communities around the country.
  • People with intellectual disability are at the centre of everything we do.
  • We support our members to take part in decisions that are about them.
  • We work with parents, carers, individuals, and professionals who are interested in issues affecting people with intellectual disability.
  • We work with our members to build a more inclusive Ireland.


How to join and Membership Fees

Inclusion Ireland has both group and individual membership. We have made a guide to how to become a member here Membership Guide 

(a) Individuals 
If you wish to become an individual member of Inclusion Ireland, please complete our Inclusion Ireland Membership Form


(b) Organisations and groups

If your group wishes to become one of Inclusion Ireland’s member organisations please complete the same Inclusion Ireland Membership Form and a member of staff will call you back to help you to sign your group up as a member.


When your application is received it will be put to the Board of Inclusion Ireland at its next monthly meeting.

How to Pay


Inclusion Ireland  accepts bank transfer, drafts and postal orders. Please call (01) 8559891 to discuss payment

Application for Group Membership of Inclusion Ireland

    • I am a person with an intellectual disability or self-advocateI am a parent/family member of a person with an intellectual disabilityI am a professional working in the area of disabilityI want to sign a group or association up for membershipI am not sure

    Renewing Membership

    Current Inclusion Ireland Members should call 01 8559891 to discuss renewing their membership

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