The Public Sector Duty

  • Inclusion Ireland got funding from the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission for a project on the Public Sector Duty.
  • A steering committee of 6 people with intellectual disabilities was picked for the project. This committee helped plan and carry out the project.
  • The project comes with two booklets, a guide called What is the Public Sector Duty? and a checklist called Checking a Public Service for Accessibility.
  • Both booklets are in easy-to-read, accessible formats.
  • You can view and download the two documents here:
    What is the Public Sector Duty?
    Checking a public service for accessibility
  • As part of our project on the Public Sector Duty, Inclusion Ireland developed a training program that can be delivered by people with intellectual disabilities to their peers. There is an accessible presentation to inform people of their rights when engaging with public services.
    Training Slides – Public Sector Duty

For people who are considering delivering training on the Public Sector Duty we have some videos of the training being delivered in Inclusion Ireland.

In the first video Orla, Muireann and Noreen describe the Public Sector Duty and what is a public service.