Support With Education

Children and young people with an intellectual disability are entitled to support with their education.

Contacting your local schools and local SENO.

The National Council for Special Education (NCSE) works with parents and schools and liaises with the HSE to provide resources and support children with special educational needs. Their local services are delivered through a national network of Special Educational Needs Organisers (SENOs). Visit their website for information on local schools, to contact your local SENO and for information booklets and pamphlets for parents.

The NCSE have produced a guide to help parents/guardians understand more about their child’s special educational needs, how these needs are assessed and the supports that are available to their child in school.

” Children with Special Educational Needs – Information Booklet for Parents April 2014 “ –

During the Summer - The July Education Programme

The July Education Programme, sometimes called The Extended School Year or July Provision is a school or home-based educational programme for children with complex needs, severe/profound intellectual disability, and autism. The programme is run over the 4 weeks of July. Criteria to access the programme can vary from year to year. Follow the links below to find out more.

Access to Education – July Provision

DES July Education Programme Webpage

An Individual Education Plan (IEP)

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a written document prepared for the individual student. The IEP identifies

  • The learning goals that are to be achieved by the student over a set period and
  • The teaching strategies, resources and supports necessary to achieve those goals.

Parents have a role. Parents must:

  • Be consulted about an education plan.
  • Be facilitated to be involved in the preparation of an education plan.
  • Receive a copy of the education plan.
  • Be advised of any significant changes to the education plan.
  • Receive a report of any review of the education plan and
  • Parents have a right of appeal on many issues. (NCSE Guidelines 2006)
  • For more information and advice we recommend reading the NCSE Guidelines on the Individual Plan Process (May 2006)