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Prebudget Submission 2022

this is an image of the cover of the full prebudget 2023 submission for Inclusion Ireland- Moving from Crisis to Confidence

Each year inclusion Ireland works on budget priorities for people with intellectual disabilities to influence how the Government spend the Budget and to try and make sure that the Government prioritise the rights of people with intellectual disabilities when they make decisions.

As part of our work for Budget 2023 you will find :  (click on the links to go directly to each piece of information


Inclusion Ireland believes that people with intellectual disabilities should live self-determined lives and Budget 2023 provides an opportunity to invest in people. We are hopeful that 2023 will be the year of implementation of the various reports and strategies recently released, including the Cost of Disability in Ireland report and the Disability Capacity Review .Together, these reports detail for the first time the level of spending required to improve people’s financial situation and for disabled people to move from crisis to confidence about their futures.

In putting together this submission we consulted with people with intellectual disabilities and their families. We received 458 responses to our survey. We found that the most important issues faced by people were access to services, education, housing, poverty and the cost of disability.

The top 3 issues for people with intellectual disabilities themselves were:

  • Housing and community living 38%
  • Access to services 23%
  • Decision making 21%

For family members, the top three priority issues for budget 2023 are

  • Access to services 50%
  • Poverty and cost of disability 27%
  • Education 17%.

This submission identifies 6 key action areas informed by our consultations and the relevant UNCRPD Articles. These are:

  1. Housing and community living
  2. Poverty and cost of disability
  3. Access to services
  4. Education
  5. Employment
  6. Decision making and access to information.

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