Inclusion Ireland regularly sends submissions to the different governmental departments on topics that have been identified as a priority by its members. It includes areas like Housing, Education, Employment, Accessibility, Supported Decision Making and other key areas. We always seek active involvement from our members to ensure that their voices are at the heart of our submissions and reflect the barriers they face in their lives.

The annual Budget Submission is our most important submission as it touches on several aspects of our members’ lives. It relies on the responses we get from our members who choose what are the priorities and what we should ask for. This year, 600 people with an intellectual disability, family members and other supporters completed the survey.

2023 Policy Submissions

  • Submission for Census 2027
  • Submission for DCEDIY- Framework for Youth Participation
  • Submission for legal aid review
  • Submission for a national framework for lifelong guidance
  • Submission for EPSEN Review
  • Submission for Housing Statement of Strategy 2022-2025
  • Submission for DCEDIY Statement of Strategy
  • Submission for Social Welfare Appeals Regulations
  • Submission for draft regulations on home support.
  • Pre-Budget submission 2024

2022 Policy Submissions

  • Submission to decision Support Service – Special Visitors
  • Submission To Decision Support Service – General Visitors
  • Submission To Decision Support Service – Court Friends
  • Submission To Decision Support Service – Independent Advocates
  • Progressing Disability Services Report
  • Submission For The Next Government Policy Framework For Children And Young People In Ireland
  • Submission On Reasonable Accommodation Funds
  • Submission For The Autism Innovation Strategy
  • Pre-Budget Submission 2023
  • Submission On The Housing Adaptation Grant
  • Thematic Report For The Un Committee On The Right Of The Child
  • Submission On The Home Care And Home Support Regulations.
  • Submission On The Mid-Term Review Of The Roadmap On Social Inclusion.