CCUV is an Erasmus+ project. It is the first time Inclusion Ireland has been involved in an Erasmus+ project. CCUV stands for: “Capito! Compris! Understood! Verstanden!” These words mean “understood” in different languages.

We work with organisations and universities from different countries: Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland.

The project aims to develop common standards to translate language into three different levels of difficulty: B1 for plain language, A2 for easy-to-read language and A1 for the easiest level.

As part of the project, we tested the criteria on different texts. You can see below how it looks here:

See the description of the project in A1, A2 and B1

A1 Erasmus + Project Summary.pdf

A2 Project Summary .docx

B1 Erasmus + Project Summary.pdf

There are also podcasts explore easy to read across Austria, France, Ireland and Italy. You can listen to them here

Part of the project was also to develop training materials to enable people with an intellectual disability to train other people on easy-to-read.