The All-Island Restraint Reduction Network (AIRRN) is a core group of individuals and organisations who have come together to address the issue of restrictive practices and to have greater influence on policymakers on the whole island.

Each stakeholder had identified the issue and advocated independently with some progress but limited success.

Beginning in 2021, and with project funding from the Community Foundation for Ireland, the starting idea was the creation of a vital cross-border Restraint Reduction Network group in Ireland – modelled on existing groups in England, Scotland, and Wales.

What are the causes behind the issue?

The use of seclusion and restraint in educational, social care and health settings can be a hidden issue.

There is an absence of legislation and guidance, particularly in educational settings, on the use of restrictive practises.

There is a lack of awareness and lack of training and oversight needed to reduce the use of restrictive practises.

What can be achieved?

We believe an all-island voice or forum will have a much greater impact on this issue. The aim is for policy and legislative change resulting in necessary training, oversight and resources to ensure children and adults in educational, health and social care settings are not subject to seclusion and misuse of restrictive practices.

Read our All-Island Restraint Reduction Network Conference Report here.

Be a part of the All-Island Restraint Reduction Network

The All-Island Restraint and Reduction Network is working

  • to bring together stakeholders across education, health and social care,
  • to hear about practises and experiences and consider what needs to change,
  • to create a wider alliance of interested groups and individuals.

We are grateful for your interest.

If you would like more information or you would like to be part of the development of this important All-Island Network

  • contact the All-Island Restraint Reduction Network at Inclusion Ireland – at or 01 8559891
  • contact any of the AIRRN core stakeholders’ group