I haven’t been into Inclusion Ireland’s office in Dublin for months now. I am working at home. Working from home I helped with lots of easy-to-read leaflets to tell people with disabilities about Coronavirus.

All the staff meet two times a week on Zoom. That means we can talk and see each other on the laptops. I like seeing my work friends.

It can be boring and lonely being at home most of the time. I try to keep a good routine by getting up and having a bath and starting on work. I then go to get the newspapers and water my plants and cook

my dinner to keep a good routine. There is also cleaning and shopping to do.

I have a support person and we go for walks. Last week we went to Tara which is very beautiful, and it felt like getting back to normal. After Tara, we went to my favourite Costa but it was shut. I am looking forward

to when it reopens and until then will dream of hot chocolate and a fruit scone. I miss my Saturday morning Parkruns so I go for a walk with my support worker, Brian instead and one day we walked a

lovely dog called Millie.

It is very hard not seeing people as much as normal, but I visit my friend Fiona who lives close by. The weather has been great, so we meet in her back garden. We have made scones outside and she takes

them into the kitchen to bake. They were lovely.

I cannot visit my friends who live further away so we talk on Zoom which is great. I can’t wait to meet them again for real. My brother Jimmy comes to visit me, and we sit and chat in the garden.

We even had a chipper takeaway which was great.To keep busy, I started planting flowers outside the front of my house. They look lovely, they brighten up the place and will be a real picture

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