Are you interested in Technology and do you have a disability?

Would you like to be part of a group who will make a workplan for using digital and assistive technology in disability services?

If your answers to these questions are yes, please tell us that you are interested in being part of a group called the HSE Digital and Assistive Technologies Task Group which is part of the National Clinical Programme for People with Disability

How many people are the HSE looking for?
The HSE want to find 3 people who have experience of disability to join the group to help make technology better in services.

What support will be available to members of the group.
You can have support with this application to be part of the group.

You can also have support at meetings and doing the work of the group if you need it.

Other members of the group will support you at meetings and give you information before and after each meeting if you need it

What kind of experience do you need to be part of the group?
You need to know how to use digital and assistive technologies.

You need to have a positive attitude.

You need to be able to use technology for online meetings.

You need to be able to tell the group your ideas and give your experience of disability

You need to have respect for others and their ideas.

You need to be able to communicate in the group and work with other people.

It would be great if you know a group of people who use disability services so you can check ideas with them.
You need to be able to keep the work of the group confidential and private.

How many meetings will there be?
There will be 8-10 meetings in 2021. They will be every 4-6 weeks.

How long will the group work together for?
The group will work together for 2 years and it may
be longer.

How will the meetings work?
In 2021 the meetings will be online

The people on the group will be paid for any
expenses like travelling

How do you apply
You can apply by writing or sending a short video to that tells us about you:
Please tell us:
1. Your name and contact details (phone, email address)
2. What perspective would you like to bring to the group (for example ideas for people with intellectual disabilities or physical disabilities)
3. What is your experience using digital and assistive technologies?
4. Your experience in committees, or other groups
5. If you can attend meetings online and in person
6. What support would you need to take part in this group.

The closing date for applications is Friday 5th February 2021 at 12pm

A poster containing the information is available below, or here.


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