We at Inclusion Ireland found the reporting of deplorable conditions in a centre for people with intellectual disabilities very difficult to read today. In case you missed it you can read the rte.ie report here.


CEO of Inclusion Ireland Derval McDonagh says “We have to think about the individuals living in circumstances like this. We need to demand better for people, far beyond basics like cleanliness and safety. We must support people as rights holders to have choice and control about where and how they live and for people to have the support they need every single day to live a good life.

 Derval continues “Our watchdog of HIQA shouldn’t even have to consider elements such as a basically clean environment, that should be the absolute minimum we expect for people, no matter what setting they live in or how much support they require.”

“Of significant concern also was the voice of the resident who stated that they did not like living there as “their peer shouted a lot”. In no other walk of life would it be acceptable for people to be forced to stay living together if they were unhappy with their circumstances. It would be inconceivable for any of us to imagine having no choice about who we live with. We cannot ignore that voice. Where are the options for people to move out if they are unhappy and distressed? Ultimately, we need institutional type living to end and a shift to where rights are the basis for all support.”

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