Families and Carers

  • There are many parent and family disability support groups that are doing good work in Ireland – but connecting with others, to share concerns, to keep informed, to have your voice heard is difficult.
  • Parents and advocates often feel isolated, overwhelmed and not listened to.
  • Inclusion Ireland, in partnership with Down Syndrome Ireland, is developing the Connect Family Network to share information with family members and family support groups around the country.
  • Through the Connect Family Network we are working to bring about greater participation of people with an intellectual disability and their family members in the design and delivery of disability services and supports.
  • Research has shown that service and policy development is much more effective when the people who use services are involved from the outset.
  • The Connect Family Network is funded by the Government of Ireland through Pobal.

What the Connect Family Network does

  • A network for intellectual disability support groups, locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Providing information and training for groups to equip people to lead and advocate.
  • Supporting local groups to engage with government departments, the HSE and service providers in the planning, design and review of disability policy or programmes.
  • Giving local support groups a voice into policy and legislative formation at national level through discussion and consultation.
  • Keeping disability support groups informed through the provision of up to date information.

Connect Family Network Map

  • Lots of family members get great support from their local support group.
Connect Family Network Map
  • The Connect Family Network Map can help you link with over 100 local and national groups supporting people with intellectual disability and their families across the country.
  • You can find groups in your local area. Check your area on the map and click on any marker for group links or information. The Connect Family Network icons are local groups, the yellow circles are national groups.
  • Or scroll down through the list of local and national groups. Click on any group name to find them on the map and their group information.
  • Location markers indicate the home county of each group or organisation. For exact group information please visit group websites or Facebook pages or contact them directly.

Get on the Map

If you are part of a local family support group and would like your group information shared on the map we will gladly add your information.

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Contact the Connect Family Network

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